Welcome to another “Axie Infinity: Origin” guide! Here, we’ll talk about the new gesture introduced in version 3.0: Crafting. All Axies in “Origin” will be able to equip Runes and Charms which can be obtained through crafting. So before we dive into those equipable items, let’s talk about how to create them first.

What Is Crafting?

Crafting is a new feature introduced in version 3.0. In crafting, materials you collect can be converted into Runes, Charm, and other items. The Rune and Charm you will receive from crafting are random. Do take note that Runes are rarer than Charms and the probability for the crafting is based on Rarity and Class.

  • Runes – Runes are special items that can be attached to an Axie imbuing them with unique powers. You can only install 1 Rune per Axie, and it can be obtained through Crafting.
  • Charms – Charms are special items that can be attached to an Axie card, imbuing them with unique powers to enhance Axie Cards. Each card can only hold 1 Charm, and it can be obtained through Crafting.

The primary materials used for crafting are Moonshard and SLP. If you craft only using Moonshards, you’ll get non-NFT Runes and Charms. But if you add SLP, you will always get NFT Runes and Charms. Additionally, there are special items that can be used to help boost the probability of getting specific types of Runes and Charms.

An important thing to note: NFT Runes and Charms are not available yet during the Alpha testing version.

Where Do I Get Moonshards?

There are three ways to earn Moonshards in the game. You can earn them through the Foraging Box feature and as Milestone rewards in Adventure Mode. It can also be earned through the Arena.

In Arena, Trainers will only get Moonshard if one of these requirements are fulfilled:

  • Have Ronin Spirit up to Ronin Spirit III.
  • Reached a certain Rank in Arena.

What is Disenchant?

Disenchant is a feature where the Runes and Charms you no longer use can be converted back to crafting materials. The crafting materials received from disenchanting will always be less than the crafting’s requirement.

Non-NFT Runes and Charms only give back Moonshard, and NFT Runes and Charms will give back SLP, while special items will not be given back.

Crafting Level

Each Trainer will have his own Crafting Level. This is different from the Trainer’s Account Level. The higher your crafting level is, the more crafting recipes you unlock. You can gain crafting EXP from doing crafting and missions. Don’t forget that in every new season, a player’s crafting level will reset and new Runes and Charms might be introduced.

Crafting Recipe & Special Items

On the first release of the Alpha version, there are only two Recipes to craft Runes and Charms:

Recipe Primary Material
Basic Recipe 100 Moonshard
Intermediate Recipe 500 Moonshard

And there are 4 special items Recipe:

Recipe Material
Ancient Moonstone 1000 Moonshard
Moon Dust (Rare) 500 Moonshard
Moon Dust (Epic) 1500 Moonshard
Moon Dust (Mystic) 3000 Moonshard

Below are the special items and their functions:

  • Ancient Moonstone: Increase the chance to craft Rune
  • Moon Dust (Rare): Increase the chance to craft Rare Rune/Charm
  • Moon Dust (Epic): Increase the chance to craft Epic Rune/Charm
  • Moon Dust (Mystic): Increase the chance to craft Mystic Rune/Charm

In-Depth Explanation on Crafting

When Crafting Runes and Charms, there will be chances for the craft displayed on the window of the craft.

For example; when using the Basic Recipe with only 100 Moonshard as the base requirement, you can only get the common Runes or Charms with a 25% chance of getting Rune and 75% chance of getting a Charm.

You can craft more types of material and add more crafting materials by unlocking them through Crafting Level.

When Trainers have unlocked more types of materials, they will be used to increase the chance of crafting other types of Runes and Charms.

Another example is if you are using the Basic recipe with 100 Moonshard as the base requirement and add Moonstone as additional material, the crafting chance will be 50% of getting Rune and 50% chance of getting a Charm.

As you may have figured out by now, crafting will be a very important feature in “Axie Infinity: Origin” and would definitely become a major mechanic that players will need to use often.

We hope that this guide has helped you better understand how crafting works! Check out our other beginner’s guide to learn more about “Axie Infinity: Origin” especially our Runes and Charms list guide.

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