The Sandbox is pleased to announce its collaboration with the renowned video game developer, Gravity to bring “Ragnarok Online” to the metaverse! Through their partnership, “Ragnarok LAND” will be created in “The Sandbox” metaverse, along with other content and NFTs utilizing the “Ragnarok Online” IP!

About “Ragnarok Online”

“Ragnarok Online” is the primary Gravity IP that has been effectively supported by both PC and mobile since it launched in 2002. “Ragnarok M: Eternal Love,” “Ragnarok Origin,” “Ragnarok X: Next Generation,” “Ragnarok V: Returns,” and “Ragnarok Begins” are just a few of the many series that make up this international intellectual property. Gravity is actively operating license companies based on the widespread appeal of “Ragnarok,” streaming “Ragnarok” cartoons, and operating an online store where gamers can buy “Ragnarok” merchandise.

“We are happy to collaborate with Ragnarok, which has been long loved by gamers all around the world. Through this partnership, the excitement and joy that Ragnarok brings to players can be adapted in a new way through metaverse content.”

Cindy, Lee, The Sandbox Korea CEO

“This partnership is significant that the users around the world can encounter Ragnarok in The Sandbox metaverse. We are preparing diverse content with Ragnarok IP for users to enjoy in the metaverse as well. Stay tuned!”

Harry Choi, Business Director of Gravity Business Division

About Gravity

A well-known online gaming company, Gravity Co., Ltd., was established in April 2000, at the start of the Korean gaming market. Gravity, a pioneer in the sector, became the only local gaming developer directly listed on the NASDAQ. The MMORPG, “Ragnarok Online” was created by Gravity, and it has gained a large player base while operating in both home and international markets. In addition, Gravity offers a variety of mobile gaming genres and IPTV services using Pororo characters. Additionally, Gravity is extending its service to include games based on the Ragnarok Online IP as well as other games of different genres and platforms in order to broaden its business reach as a global publishing company.

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