“Summoners War: Chronicles” To Join XPLA In July Through Play-to-Own

Com2uS’ summon RPG “”Summoners War: Chronicles”” to apply the P2O system in July and join XPLA Established P2O that incorporates the RPG genre and game characteristics, developed a flexible economic system between the game and XPLA Preserve the game’s innate

“Axie Infinity: Origin” The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

“Axie Infinity: Origin” is the new battle version of Axie Infinity, with a completely new interface, game mechanics, art, special effects, narratives, and an extensive onboarding process. The game is now available to play and can be downloaded absolutely FREE.

Sky Mavis Reveals 5 New Studios Joining Its Ronin Network!

Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity, has announced the addition of five new game studios to its Ronin network, an EVM blockchain specifically forged for gaming. Ronin is designed to optimize for near-instant transactions and negligible fees, making it

Nexon Partners with Polygon to Launch NFT-based MapleStory Universe Game

Nexon, one of the world’s largest game publishers, has partnered with Polygon, the top protocol for Web3 gaming, to build a dedicated blockchain ecosystem for its massively popular game, MapleStory Universe. With over 180 million registered users, MapleStory has been

“RF Project” Will Run On Blockchain Alongside Other Upcoming Netmarble Games

South Korea’s gaming company, Netmarble has recently concluded its annual Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) panel giving insight into what the company is planning for its future. Interestingly, Netmarble heavily focused on Web3 which coincidentally gave us a much-needed update on

“Summoners War: Lost Centuria” Is Now A P2E Game In The C2X Blockchain Ecosystem

Com2uS announced that they will be implementing the blockchain system to their RPG game “Summoners War: Lost Centuria.” This will happen in the first half of 2022 and will add advanced strategic content, grant digital ownership, and enhanced gameplay for

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