Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid” is coming to Android and IOS devices. Com2uS Holdings CEO, Lee Yong-guk has announced that the pre-registration for their upcoming Play To Earn (P2E) mobile game has begun. Alongside this is the launch of the game’s global website and community channel.

The new global website of “Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid” is alive and kicking. Here’s what you can see there:

  • Teaser video and main content of the game
  • Information on NFT and game tokens
  • Pre-registration
  • Annual roadmap

As for the community channels, players can now join or follow the game through Discord, Twitter, and Medium. For the latest news and updates, you can go to the website or opt to receive them via the newsletter.

Getting to Know the Game

“Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid” is a tactical RPG that stands out for its sensuous illustration and strategic party play. Players can make use of various equipment, skills, and character classes to gain the upper hand in battle.

NFT equipment is a core element of the game and can be earned through crafting or trading. Defeat vicious monsters through adventures or beating other players to acquire game tokens. Soon, these in-game tokens can be used as part of the C2X blockchain ecosystem.

What Else Is Coming?

Com2uS Group plans to add more than 10 blockchain-based titles to its line-up this year. In addition to its powerful IP-based masterpieces such as “Summoners War Chronicles,” “World of Zenonia,” and “Baseball Superstars.” That would also include blockchain games from major partners such as “The Great Merchant M,” “Hi Ella,” “Kritika Online,” and “Project Alchemist” (tentative name).

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