Line Games CEO, Kim Min-gyu announced its collaboration with its subsidiary company LINE Next (led by CEO, Ko Young-soo) to start developing NFT games and applying blockchain technology to future and existing game projects. This will include popular titles like “Exos Heros” and “Dragon Flight.”

What Is DOSI?

DOSI is an NFT platform where the upcoming games will be accessible. To this end, the two companies plan to devise a related business model. DOSI is described as a virtual city platform where players, creators, and businesses can build their own brand store, build up their community, and participate in related production and marketing support programs.

LINE games also plan to provide an environment where users can trade NFTs using credit cards, simple payment methods, and cryptocurrency.

“We will start developing and business NFT-based games with Line Next, which has excellent blockchain technology. We will work closely together for this purpose.”

LINE Game official

About LINE Games

LINE Games is an app developer and publisher based in South Korea. They have released award-winning mobile game titles including “Exos Heroes,” “Royal Crown,” and “Dragon Flight” among many others. They are currently working to launch the massively popular MMORPG “Undecember” to the global audience, which is slated for release in the first half of 2022.

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