“Metaelf Land” the upcoming P2E blockchain game inspired by popular RPG games like “Pokemon” has announced its pre-sale date! With a lot of PVE and PVP content to give to their players, fans have been patiently waiting for this news, and now, it’s drawing ever so nearer.

“Metaelf Land” Pre-Sale Begins On May 15

“Metaelf Land’s” NFT pre-sale will begin on May 15, 2022. It was originally scheduled for April 28 but was moved due to strategic cooperation projects. Only whitelisted players can participate in the NFT pre-sale. If you’re one of the lucky people who got in, don’t forget to purchase at least one “Meta Elf.”

About “Metaelf Land”

“MetaElfLand” is a P2E game made with blockchain technology and distributed ledger. By playing the game, you can win props, fungible tokens, and non-fungible tokens. Additionally, you can stake your tokens and NFTs to earn even more tokens.

Players can buy or breed a variety of “Meta Elves” and by forming teams, players complete the game’s daily tasks, PVE, and PVP to get more rewards.

The basic concept behind Play-to-Earn games is that players are compensated for the time and effort invested in them. Metaelf Land Token ($MELT) is the fungible token you can acquire in “Metaelf Land.” Players can sell it for real money or trade it for stable coins on crypto exchanges.

You can not only have fun or win money in the game, but you can also buy, sell, and exchange NFTs with other players from across the world in the game marketplace.

Gather your “Meta Elves,” start your adventure, and explore the metaverse! For more information, visit their Facebook page and official website!

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