Com2uS has officially unveiled the C2X Blockchain Game Platform. This will serve as a hub and an NFT marketplace for all their upcoming Play To Earn (P2E) games. With Terraform Labs and Hashed becoming key partners in this project, the expectations for the C2X token economy have been raised.

What Is the C2X Token?

C2X token, the native token of the platform, is designed based on the Terra blockchain network as a governance token. C2X token will build its own token economy in connection with various services on the platform such as blockchain games and NFT marketplace in the future.

The C2X Blockchain Platform

The C2X platform aims to be a ‘user-participatory platform’ to grow together with ecosystem participants. This is in line with the core value of the blockchain, which is decentralization. Tokens allocated for the purpose of creating an ecosystem will be distributed to ecosystem participants transparently by governance and eventually, through shared profits.

Ultimately, the C2X platform seeks to become a ‘Public Platform’ where both users and game providers can grow together. It can be an ‘Open Platform’ where anyone can participate as a game developer and a ‘Community Platform’ where everyone can express their opinions on the platform operations.

The C2X platform is expected to lower barriers to entry into the blockchain industry for game developers and give players more options to choose from among the blockchain games in the market.

The C2X blockchain ecosystem has been closely working with industry-leading advisor partners. Terraform Labs participated as a key partner to build a stable blockchain infrastructure and Hashed for efficient token economy design.

In addition, Com2uS and Com2uS Holdings, global content and platform providers, play a pivotal role in content supply as the MCP (Master Content Provider). Meanwhile, the Com2uS Platform provides the blockchain development and transaction environment.

What to Expect This 2022?

With the issuance of C2X, the C2X blockchain game business is expected to accelerate. Starting Q1 2022, more than 10 blockchain games with various genres will be released on the C2X platform, led by Com2uS Group, a major partner. In addition, other blockchain services such as the NFT marketplace and a cryptocurrency wallet will be introduced this year.

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