The day Axie fans have been anxiously waiting for is finally here! “Axie Infinity: Origin” is now available to play via Mavis Hub! Version 3.0 brings a ton of brand new content, beautiful aesthetics, and an overhauled gameplay system! Learn about everything that’s new in “Axie Infinity” and how to install the game!

Before we dive into “Origin”, please be reminded that this is an Early Access release which means many adjustments and upgrades will be happening in the coming weeks and months.

How To Play “Axie Infinity: Origins”

For Existing Players: All existing Marketplace accounts have been migrated over to the new Sky Mavis account system. To play, simply log into Mavis Hub and then install Origin. You’ll be able to log in with your usual email and password.

How to sync your existing Axies:

  1. Open the Mavis Hub client.
  2. Go to the “Origin” page located on the left side of the Hub.
  3. Click download and install the “Origin” client.
  4. Once installed, launched the game, and log in using your existing email and password.
  5. The game will prompt you to create a new account. Create one and continue on.
  6. The game will drop you into tutorial mode. Finish the tutorials until Adventure mode is unlocked.
  7. Play through the adventure mode Chapter 1, Mission 1.
  8. Once done, the game will prompt a tutorial on how to sync your existing Axies into “Origin.”
  9. Follow the tutorial and finally sync your Axies.

For ​​New Players: Players that are new to Axie can simply click Register on the Origin login screen to create a new Sky Mavis account. You can begin playing Origin with that account immediately! When you’re ready to purchase your first blockchain Axie, you’ll need to create a Ronin Wallet and deposit or buy some Ethereum (ETH). Next, log into the Axie marketplace and link your Ronin Wallet. Now you’re ready to buy Axies!

The Purpose Of “Origin” Early Access

The main reason for the Early Access release is to collect player feedback and gameplay data to be able to tweak and improve before “Origin’s” full launch and so there will be changes between now and the global release. Be reminded that ALL progress made and resources collected in Alpha will be reset after this Alpha period ends.  Take this time to learn “Origin’s” new battle system and mechanics while having fun at the same time.


New features introduced with this Early Access release include:

  • Free starter Axies.
  • Upgraded Axie art makes each Axie more visually distinct and special.
  • Sequential turns for a faster, more dynamic experience.
  • Energy/cards are reset each turn to encourage aggressive playstyles.
  • Card changes. We’ve kept most cards in line with their original spirit.
  • Eye & Ear Cards. This is the first time that eyes & ears have ever had cards!
  • Runes / Charms as power-ups. Our first glimpse of Axie progression and upgrading is here!
  • Critical Hits have been replaced by a Rage mechanic.

Important Notice About Charms And Runes During Early Access

There will only be non-NFT Charms and Runes during Early Access. NFT Charms and Runes will be implemented in a future release. Right now, certain Runes, Charms, and other craftable items do not need SLP to be created. In the full launch, these items will need SLP to be crafted (this is part of their new burning mechanism.)

There are many ideas being considered for the future including but not limited to using lower-level Charms & Runes to craft higher-level ones and certain Charms & Runes requiring Axie release materials to craft. There are certain Cards that will only be available to Starter Axies for now but will become available for NFT Axies in the future.


There Will Be Rapid Balancing Adjustments During Early Access

Please note that there will be rapid balancing adjustments to Cards, Runes, and Charm as the developers gather data and feedback from the community. Expect that there will be some overpowered cards, card combos, runes, and charms. Do not make marketplace decisions around the current power dynamics as balancing will be done very quickly during Early Access. In addition, remember that all Runes and Charms from the Early Access period will be reset.

The battle meta in Origin will change continuously over Seasons through a variety of components including introduction, deprecation, and updates to:

  • Charms & Runes
  • Body Parts
  • Gameplay Mechanics
  • Class Attributes

As with any competitive game, there need to be constant updates to maintain a fresh, exciting, and fun experience for players.


“Origins” Will Give You Free Non-NFT Starter Axies

With the introduction of free non-NFT Starter Axies, the core game can now be tried for free! New players will be able to learn the game, and fall in love with the universe before needing to touch crypto and NFTs!

There Will Be No SLP or AXS Rewards During Alpha Testing

Given this is the Alpha version for testing, no SLP or AXS will be rewarded in Origin for now. Battles v2 (Classic) will continue to run in parallel until Sky Mavis is ready to deprecate “Axie Infinity Classic” and move the token rewards into Origin.

As “Axie Infinity: Origin’s” alpha testing phase progresses through the coming months, players should take this opportunity to learn everything they can so when the full launch arrives, you’ll be ready to tackle version 3.0! If you’ve encountered any bugs or have feedback about the game, you can submit your inquiry through their feedback page.

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