Fans have highly anticipated “Axie Infinity” Land ever since Sky Mavis revealed this brand new game mechanic. It presents a new opportunity for investors to earn as well as enjoy the game in a different way. The company has recently revealed that the Land Staking is going to begin soon. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Is “Axie Infinity” Land?

Land Staking is a program that aims to enhance AXS ownership among landowners. While some landholders anxiously wait to get their hands on a Land, Sky Mavis wants to ensure that your long-term commitment is rewarded with more ownership and influence over their collective ecosystem.

Here’s what they have so far:

  • Progressed in the design and development of the user experience for land staking.
  • Started development of land staking smart contracts in collaboration with Owl, a devoted community member, and world-class smart contract developer.
  • Modeled out an emissions schedule for Land staking. We have allocated 337,500 AXS per month for this initiative. You can find a detailed breakdown of the emission structure below.

Moving Towards More Active Staking

Sky Mavis’ goal within the ecosystem is to encourage the community to collaborate and play alongside them to create shared value. They plan to launch a number of initiatives that reward community members for a variety of actions, including recruiting new members, developing tools, improving game experiences, providing content, and a variety of other activities that they believe will help to grow and sustain the ecosystem. The company also wants those who volunteer their time and effort to the community to own AXS so that they can be rewarded and have a say in future Community Treasury decisions.

More Active Gameplay, More Rewards

Sky Mavis plans to gradually increase the amount of involvement and gameplay required to collect rewards in the ecosystem. In other words, “Origin,” Land, AXS staking, and any other future experiences will evolve to need active gameplay and contributions in order to earn rewards, better align incentives, and ensure that awards encourage actions that are beneficial to the digital nation.

Once any type of gameplay for Land is released that can support token rewards, these Land Staking rewards will transition to being rewarded through active gameplay. This program is a temporary solution to ensure the distribution of ownership of the Axie universe continues while key gaming elements are developed.

Players who are interested in buying Land or just checking them out, for now, can visit the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

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