Sky Mavis has announced that “Axie Infinity: Origin” is now slated to launch on April 7, 2022, for the PC platform. The game will be accessible via Mavis Hub. Scheduled to launch by the end of March, “Origin” got delayed for another week due to the recent Ronin Network security breach. This provides their engineering and security team more time to investigate the breach before giving their full support when “Origin” launches.

Launch Week Programming

The “Axie Infinity” team has planned a series of events for the whole week following the launch. This includes gameplay trailers, events, contests, game mechanics reveals, and many more.

Over the next week, “Origin” will be sharing Runes and Charms from several classes. For the first seven announcements, well-known community members will help with this task. They include Ryan | MT8, Chuck Fresco, Brycent, Zio, Kmanu, Rojan, Axie.Tech, Myrtle, Kookoo, and Axie Chat.

Additionally, you can head on over to the official Axie Twitch account on April 2, 10 am EST. Join the event’s host, Zyori, and guests from the Axie team to see the completed Alpha build in action.

Origin Launch Contest

“Axie Infinity” fans can join in on the festivities by participating in the Origin Launch Contest. There are three ways to join:

  • Custom Origin Card – Are you the Axie meme lord? Prove it by designing a custom Origin card! You’ll be given blank card templates. It’s up to you to get creative! You could revamp an existing ability, create a new OP ability, make a meme card out of your favorite influencer, and more!
  • Arco Beast Lore – Think you know the infamous Arco beast better than anyone else? Write a Twitter thread telling us his Origin story! The more detailed, the better.
  • Starter Axie Cosplay – No prior cosplay experience? No problem. Everyone’s welcome to muster up their best Puffy, Buba or Olek looks.

The contest will begin on April 1, 2022. To submit your entries, use the hashtag #OriginLaunch on Twitter. The contest will be judged by members of the Sky Mavis team. One winner will be chosen and invited to officially reveal the Reptile Runes & Charms on Wednesday, April 6!

More info:

  • Judging will be based on originality (50%) and quality (50%).
  • March 31 – Contest begins
  • April 5 – Submission deadline
  • April 6 – Winner leeks Reptile Runes & Charms on Twitter!

“Axie Infinity Origin” Mobile Version

The mobile version for “Axie Infinity: Origin” will follow suit after the PC version launches. It will take an estimated time of 30 days before we see the mobile version. This can take longer depending on how the internal tests are going. The main goal right now is to test their servers and get feedback from players.

The Free-To-Play mobile version of “Origin” is already planned for release, but there is no definite date yet on when the soft launch will happen.

The “Axie Infinity: Origin” Alpha Goes Live!

“Origin” will be available for download via Mavis Hub on April 7. The “Axie Infinity” team has expressed their thanks and support through the challenges. They have stated that they are confident that the world will fall in love with “Origin” and the universe they are building around “Axie Infinity.”

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